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Investment Strategies

More than 18 years ago, Argent Capital® was founded to provide a Large Cap Growth strategy based on the firm’s investment philosophy that companies with favorable valuation, management teams who understand capital allocation and catalysts that drive acceleration and growth offer unique investment opportunities. The Argent Large Cap Growth strategy considers a universe of industry-leading U.S. companies with equity market capitalizations of $3 billion or greater. In 2005, Argent® launched a complementary Dividend Select strategy and a Small Cap strategy in 2008 both of which are based upon the same investment philosophy as our Large Cap strategy.

The Small Cap strategy capitalizes on the intersection of solid valuation, accelerating growth and catalysts that we believe are not quickly recognized by the investment community.  Argent’s Small Cap strategy considers a universe of companies with equity market capitalization of less than $3 billion each.

Today the firm manages more than $2.6 billion in assets in Large Cap Growth and Small Cap Equity portfolios for endowments, foundations, pension funds and successful individuals.