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Monthly Large Cap Commentaries

Large Cap Commentary – February 2018

At Argent our investment strategies look for companies undergoing a positive change along with favorable valuations. We believe when a company is undergoing change, there is an increased likelihood that the stock is currently mispriced. Given that the future is uncertain, we think that one-two punch of positive change and favorable valuation provides a promising […]

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Large Cap Commentary – January 2018

The New Year brought with it some of the positives investors enjoyed in 2017, as record highs were set for the market throughout much of January, followed by something that investors have not seen for a good deal of time—a pullback. One of the peculiar aspects of the market last year was its lack of […]

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Large Cap Commentary – December 2017

December closed out a strong year for the market, and for Argent clients. Now, the fun begins anew. January of 2018 will open with earnings for the fourth quarter of 2017 and guidance for the year. Last month I highlighted the value of the market which, for the first time in nearly nine years, is […]

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Large Cap Commentary – November 2017

As we wind down 2017, the statements for our clients are looking pretty good, as the S&P 500 Index is up around 20%. Not a bad year, especially considering we are moving into the ninth year of recovery both for the stock market and the U.S. economy. With that as a backdrop it should come […]

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Large Cap Commentary – October 2017

Bob Pisani, CNBC: “September saw the reflation trade come roaring back, and it’s likely to have legs in the fourth quarter. By “reflation” I mean expansion, as in expanding economies…..” Say the word ‘reflation’ and many people likely would look at the tires on their car. For those, however, with finance on their minds, reflation […]

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