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Monthly Large Cap Commentaries

Large Cap Commentary -May 2017

Recently I was in a client review and the client asked about turnover for our large cap strategy. For the record, we average about 35% turnover per year, meaning we hold a stock, on average, for three years.  Compared to peers our holding period is quite long.  The client also asked why we would ever […]

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Large Cap Commentary – April 2017

As I write this, we remain in the aftermath of the Trump Bump, a change that boosted the market as a whole, and in particular, boosted more economically sensitive stocks. However, since the popping of the champagne cork, there has been a pull-back in many stocks and in areas of the economy that are giving […]

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Large Cap Commentary – March 2017

 Mean reversion. Per Investopedia, mean reversion is the theory suggesting that prices and returns eventually move back toward the mean or average. This mean or average can be the historical average of the price or return, or another relevant average such as growth in the economy or the average return of an industry. We utilize the concept of mean reversion […]

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Large Cap Commentary – February 2017

Looking out my window, I see Bradford pears in bloom. They are certainly pretty, but fruit trees blooming in February is a little odd, if not worrisome.  What happens to the blooms on the trees and the daffodils and tulip sprouts when the calendar normalizes and returns to winter?  Although I try, I am no […]

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Large Cap Commentary – January 2017

January was a good month for the S&P 500 Index and also the more growth driven Russell 1000 Growth Index. Lately, some investors have questioned the valuation of the market.  We at Argent believe the market is fairly valued, especially relative to continued low interest rates.  We view a fairly valued market as a normal […]

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