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Monthly Small Cap Commentaries

Small Cap Commentary – 4Q17

With the year behind us, Argent’s Small Cap Core portfolio had a strong year up 17.2% (net of fees) and ahead of the Russell 2000® at 14.7%.  It also finished the quarter up 4.1% (net of fees) ahead of the Russell 2000 Index at 3.3%. We are very proud of our results but it is […]

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Small Cap Commentary – 3Q17

The third quarter is behind us, with the Argent Small Cap portfolio returning a strong 12.62% (net of fees) on a year-to-date basis ahead of the Russell 2000® Index returning 10.94%. For the quarter, however, Argent’s strategy trailed the Russell 2000 Index, 2.82% (net of fees) to 5.67%. Small caps started the quarter with year-to-date […]

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Small Cap Commentary – 2Q17

The Argent Small Cap Core Equity strategy ended the second quarter of 2017 on a high note, returning 4.49% (net of fees) and outperforming the Russell 2000® Index return of 2.46%.  Additionally, on a year-to-date basis, the strategy is up 9.5% (net of fees), and has outperformed the benchmark by 4.5% (net of fees).  While […]

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Small Cap Commentary – May 2017

By now, everyone is familiar with the term “Trump Bump”.  This phrase was coined to describe the upward ride markets enjoyed following the Presidential election in November of last year.  In all fairness, we also enjoyed the Trump Bump.  All Argent strategies experienced impressive returns and the Argent Small Cap strategy was no exception.  From […]

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Small Cap Commentary – April 2017

Equity markets were positive for the month of April as earnings season is churning out better quarterly earnings growth than has been witnessed in several years. As I write this, our benchmark, the Russell 2000® Index has posted +9.7% earnings growth on a year-over-year basis and the S&P 500® Index earnings growth is +13.5% for […]

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