Focused Small Cap


Argent Capital’s® Focused Small Cap Strategy consists of 35-45 high-quality, enduring businesses that have the potential for superior investment results over the long term. These enduring businesses exhibit durable competitive advantages, have positive and improving cashflow characteristics and are run by management teams with proven track records of value creation. The goal of the Focused Small Cap Strategy is to outperform our benchmark over the long term.

We begin our assessment with a universe of all U.S. companies within the market capitalization range of the Russell 2000 Index. Our investment team uses a bottom-up, fundamental approach to security selection by employing a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods.  Our process results in a low-turnover portfolio whose high active share highlights our commitment to stand apart from the Russell 2000 Index.

We seek a:

Concentrated portfolio comprised of approximately 35-45 companies.

Low turnover strategy by holding companies for the long term.

High active share, illustrating that our holdings don’t mimic our benchmark.

Vehicles offered for institutions:
Separately managed accounts

Focused Small Cap Fact Sheet

Information as of June 30, 2023

Separately Managed Account


Focused Small Cap

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