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Argent Capital’s® Mid Cap Strategy uses a blend of quantitative and fundamental research to identify good businesses undergoing positive internal or external change. We start with an investment universe consisting of publicly-traded U.S. stocks with market capitalizations ranging from $1.5 to $20 billion. The remaining companies are screened by our proprietary quantitative tool, The Argent Alpha Model. The Argent Alpha Model is utilized to point the team toward the right companies in the right sectors, at the right time undergoing positive change. The resulting portfolio is highly concentrated with 35-50 stocks and exhibits high active share and low turnover. The goal of the Mid Cap strategy is to outperform the Russell MidCap® Index over the long term.

Our objective is to partner with quality companies and hold them forever. We do this by identifying businesses that:

Exhibit above average profitability.

Generate above-average cash flow.

Have management teams that are good stewards of capital.

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Information as of December 31, 2022

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