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Large Cap

Argent’s Large Cap Growth strategy consists of 30 to 35 stocks that demonstrate characteristics consistent with our Intelligent Growth philosophy. Our assessment begins with a universe of all U.S. companies with market capitalizations of $3 billion or more – a pool of approximately 1,000 stocks. Our investment team focuses on a bottom-up, fundamental approach to security selection by utilizing a comprehensive combination of qualitative and quantitative methods.  In general, Argent seeks companies that exhibit Russell 1000 Growth® Index characteristics, but S&P 500® Index valuations.

In accordance with Argent’s philosophy of Intelligent Growth, stocks are evaluated according to four building blocks which guide the investment process for the Argent Large Cap Growth strategy:

  1. Given that the future is uncertain, Argent focuses on favorable odds – comparing upside price potential with downside risk on a stock-by-stock basis. Through this process, Argent identifies compelling investment ideas where the upside potential greatly outweighs the downside risk.
  2. In order to transform a compelling value into an outperforming stock, Argent looks to identify a catalyst that would indicate a fundamental change in the company. Such catalysts may come in the form of new products, new management, changes in business strategy or sustainable changes in the industry.
  3. Argent anticipates acceleration in year-over-year earnings and revenue growth, and in relative sector and industry price strength compared to the market, in order to identify the “when” of a growth stock.
  4. Unbiased insight from main street contacts can validate industry trends and company strategies to identify any disconnect between a stock’s valuation and what Wall Street is telling the investment public at large.

The result is a diversified portfolio of industry-leading large cap growth companies that is designed to deliver superior, risk-adjusted performance.