Our Philosophy

We believe the most powerful force in investing is compounding cash flows. Argent invests in high-quality, attractively valued businesses that can thrive in an ever-changing world. We call these enduring businesses.  

To Argent, an enduring business:

-is growing cash flows,

-allocates capital wisely, and

-has a durable competitive advantage.

Through a fundamental, bottom-up approach, Argent constructs high-conviction portfolios designed to maximize opportunities to benefit our clients.

Our strategies are:

High Conviction

High Active Share

Low Turnover



The Argent Capital Difference

The vast majority of companies we review do not fit our process and as a result, we are left with a highly selective portfolio of names. It is rare that a company stands up to our investment process.

The Decision Process

Daily Meetings

Teams keep a constant stream of communication.

Investment Team Review

Analysts present comprehensive briefings on potential names.

Bull vs. Bear Debate

Formalized debate process designed to challenge a potential investment.

Portfolio Manager Vote

Portfolio managers have voting responsibility while analysts provide support.

Quarterly Debrief

Formal reviews every three months to analyze what was or was not effective.

The Sell Process

We sell a stock for any of the following reasons

Certain changes in the business

We will sell a stock if we see changes in one or more of the following: underlying investment thesis, fundamentals, competitive environment, management, valuation and/or capital allocation philosophy.

Upgrade opportunity

We will sell a stock if we have an opportunity in another business where we believe we can recognize greater potential returns.

Business is aquired

We may sell a business when it is acquired by another, capturing the value from the premium price received in a deal.

Who is Argent Capital?

We are driven by one goal at Argent Capital—building wealth for our clients over the long term. Helping investors realize their investment goals inspires us now as much as it did …

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We have an experienced and dedicated team with a variety of areas of expertise. We all work with the same goal in mind—create the best possible experience for our clients.

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Argent Capital is an organization that believes our company is only as great as our people. Our employees value our culture, which emphasizes hard work, but also fun.

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