Investing in Change

Since 1998, Argent Capital Management has been helping institutional investors, investment advisors and high net worth individuals meet their investment goals. We are a boutique investment management firm specializing in U.S. equities. Our focus is on seeking opportunities where change is driving the potential for superior investment results over the long term.


Philosophy & Process

How We See It

We believe that changing companies, driven either by internal or external factors, frequently result in underappreciated growth. This philosophy drives Argent’s Change-Based InvestingSM process, which is applied across all of our portfolios.

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Large Cap Growth

Growth at attractive valuations.

The strategy consists of 30-35 stocks that demonstrate characteristics consistent with our Change-Based InvestingSM approach.

Small Cap

A merger of growth and value.

A portfolio of growth and value stocks with market capitalizations of less than $3 billion each.

Dividend Select

A more conservative, dividend focused approach.

The strategy seeks 30-35 stocks of large cap companies with a history of dividend payments, consistent annual dividend growth and potential for long-term equity appreciation.

Mid Cap

Incorporates quantitative and fundamental processes.

The strategy consists of 35-50 stocks and incorporates both quantitative and fundamental processes within our Change-Based InvestingSM  philosophy.

Our Team

It All Starts Here

We have an experienced and dedicated team with varying areas of expertise, but we all work with the same goal in mind — creating the best possible experience for our clients.

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