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Stock market correction could be a healthy move

(St. Louis Post Dispatch)  “Historically, it hasn’t been a problem when rates have been rising,” says Ken Crawford, senior portfolio manager at Argent Capital Management. “It’s when the Fed stops raising rates that the music stops.” February 11, 2018 (David Nicklaus) After allowing investors a long, pleasant nap, the stock market reminded us last week what […]

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What St. Louis money managers are telling clients about sell-off

(St. Louis Business Journal)  Ken Crawford, managing director, Argent Capital Management, “We are telling our clients to hold tight. They are long-term investors to begin with.” February 6, 2018 (Greg Edwards) After U.S. stocks plummeted Monday, with nearly all St. Louis public companies losing ground, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rebounded Tuesday, closing up 567 points […]

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Here’s how St. Louis stocks performed in 2017

(St. Louis Business Journal)  “Christopher Struttmann, a research analyst at Argent Capital Management, said St. Louis stocks tend to underperform national indexes because the Argent index is equally weighted, with a lower weighting of technology stocks and a higher weighting of challenged consumer brands.” January 8, 2018 (Greg Edwards) Boeing Inc. (NYSE: BA), Centene Corp. (Nasdaq: CNC), LMI Aerospace […]

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