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Dividend Select

The Dividend Select portfolio targets US large cap equities with the following qualities:

  • A history of dividend payments
  • Consistent annual dividend growth
  • Strong financial statements and potential for long-term equity appreciation
  • Market capitalization above $2 billion

Our goal is to generate a dividend yield for an investor that is between 125-175% greater than the market as measured by the S&P 500 Index.

Argent’s Dividend Select portfolio typically consists of a basket of 30-35 stocks that demonstrates the characteristics above, consistent with our Intelligent Growth™ investment style, which guides the investment process for all of Argent’s portfolio strategies. Our investment process is based on four building blocks which are: a catalyst, acceleration, favorable odds, and unbiased insight from Main Street contacts.

Investors in our Dividend Select strategy fall into three groups: 1) those looking for attractive dividend income consistent with the potential for growth in those dividends, plus in the underlying investment 2) investors looking for a change occurring in a company, and 3) those who desire an alternative to fixed-income returns.