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Argent Capital’s® Mid Cap Strategy incorporates both quantitative and fundamental processes within our Change-BasedSM investment  philosophy. We start with an investment universe consisting of publicly-traded U.S. stocks with market capitalizations ranging from $1.5 to $20 billion. Then, using our proprietary Argent Alpha Model, we identify companies with a high probability of outperforming. Next, we look for positive change within a company. Positive change further isolates companies we believe are mispriced and have the highest probability of outsized returns. The resulting portfolio is highly concentrated with 35-50 stocks and exhibits high active share and low turnover. The goal of the Mid Cap strategy is to outperform the Russell MidCap® Index over the long term.


A concentrated portfolio of 35-50 companies, unconstrained by sector weight.

We hold companies for the long term.

Companies have market capitalizations of $1.5 billion – $20 billion.

Vehicles offered for individuals: Separately managed accounts

Vehicles offered for institutions:
Separately managed accounts Collective Investment Fund (as of February 1, 2021)

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Information as of December 31, 2020

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Mid Cap

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