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We have an experienced and dedicated team with a variety of areas of expertise. We all work with the same goal in mind—create the best possible experience for our clients.

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Steven Finerty, JD, CFP
Tom O'Meara, AIF®
Chief Executive Officer
John F. Meara, CFA
President & Chief Investment Officer
Mark Caplinger, CFA
Chief Operating Officer
Logan Finerty, CFP, CFA
Director of Private Wealth
Kenneth H. Crawford
Senior Portfolio Manager
Scott Harrison, CFA
Portfolio Manager
Kirk McDonald, CFA
Portfolio Manager & Senior Research Analyst
Bill Weeks, Ph.D., CFA
Quantitative Research Analyst
Denise Pearman
Director of Institutional Sales
Peter Montelbano, CFA
Research Analyst
Ying Ko, CFA
Senior Research Analyst
Peter Roy, CFA
Portfolio Manager
Jed Ellerbroek, Jr., CFA
Senior Research Analyst
Ward Brown
Research Analyst & Trader
Ithiel Turrado
Research Analyst
Laurie Hayek
Chief Compliance Officer
Jayme Herbstreit
Senior Operations Specialist
Jenny Noga
Accounting Manager
Mary Ann Paubel
Business Administrator
Deb Brandenberg
Executive Assistant
Angela Flores
Executive Assistant
Meghan James
Director of Client Service & Director of Institutional Wealth
Molly Ortwerth
Senior Client Service Specialist
Molly Keuss
Client Account Administrator
Krystal Proctor
Client Service Specialist
Stephanie Dirscherl, JD, MBA
Director of Marketing
Trenton Paluczak
Business Development Analyst
Ashleigh Stear
Marketing Coordinator